LU800 is a mobile relay device that supports camera input of up to 4 channels for news and sports broadcasts. The newly designed unit for 4K60p-10bit HDR, multi-camera, and native 5G realizes high-quality video transmission and high-speed file transfer, and is equipped with a large 7-inch screen to further improve operability. The operation during multi-camera can be easily switched from the LU800 transmitter or LU-Central on site. It has a built-in battery and is compatible with V-mount camera batteries.


The LU600 is a compact, lightweight, high-quality mobile relay device that is ideal for relaying, interviewing, live sports, and sports. It is a transmitter that supports HEVC and can transmit from HD / SD to 4K60p. LU600 enables fast startup, high quality material transmission, high speed file transmission and low latency. Equipped with a 5-inch LCD to improve operability, it supports transmitter operation from the field and operation from LU-Central. Equipped with a built-in battery as standard, it also supports V-mount camera batteries.


LU300 is a compact and lightweight high-quality mobile relay device that supports HEVC. Since it can be used quickly and easily from various fields, it can be widely used for broadcasting and Internet distribution. LU300 can use 2 built-in modems for 4G / LTE, 2 USB modems, Wi-Fi, LAN and up to 6 lines. A 2.2-inch monitor is used to improve visibility even in sunlight, and it is equipped with a JOG controller that simplifies operation, enabling long-term operation with the built-in battery.


LU-Smart is a solution that allows you to easily relay from your smartphone or tablet device. The supported OS supports iOS / Android, and LiveU’s original 4th generation uplink technology uses the smartphone’s built-in 3G / 4G / LTE line and up to 2 Wi-Fi lines to perform optimal packet processing and live. We will relay. Users can use multiple carrier lines on a single smartphone by using a mobile Wi-Fi router or the tethering function of a smartphone. This enables high bit rate transmission.

LiveU Solo

LiveU Solo delivers the video and audio of the external camera to the video posting SNS in real time. The bonding technology that secures a wide band by arbitrarily combining two mobile lines with wifi and LAN realizes stable live distribution with full high-definition image quality of up to 1080P both indoors and outdoors. Live videos can be easily distributed from the “LiveU Solo dedicated portal site” if they are major ones such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), and live if they are sites that support the streaming protocol called RTMP.